Why do I have to pay $249 when I am a REACT/CATS member?
The $7 VA's are not part of the REACT/CATS package.  These are VA's we use and are making them available to you.

What happens after I fill out my order form?
Once you fill out the order form and pay your $249 set up fee, you will receive another form asking for your Criteria.   Once we receive that form, we will have our VA Coordinator, Tim Cook, contact you.  He will then set a call with you and the VA Supervisor, Alex.   Once they pick the VA that matches your criteria, Alex will set up a Skype call for you to meet your new VA.

Is there a minimum weekly charge?
Yes.  There is a minimum charge of 10 hours per week, $70.  But you can put your VA on hold at any time.

Are these VA's already trained?
Yes.  These VA's are trained in supporting Real Estate Investors like yourself.   They can post ads, build a buyers list, emailing/calling sellers, create videos, manage your Deal Flow and Freedomvoice accounts and also manage Websites.

Will these VA's find FSBO's?
Yes.  They can research and locate FSBO's.  There are many places to search for FSBO and are creative in marketing and searching.

What if I am not happy with the VA chosen for me?
If you are not happy with your VA, you can speak with Alex, the Supervisor, and he will find another that suits you better.

Will my VA be able to call from my area code?
Yes.  All VA's have the ability to create a phone number with your area code.